Weekly Vents & Victories - Newcomers start here! - 10/24-10/31

I've been no contact for two years with my family. I got a new phone about 6 months ago and forgot to block them from it. Today I got a text from my dad, and it's really upsetting me. I deleted the text and blocked his number, but I can't shake the feeling that I've been violated. I feel so angry. I'm angry that he "doesn't understand why I disowned him" even though I have explained why I have so much resentment towards him and the the way my childhood went. I'm angry that he asked me to call and tell him I'm okay, like I'm a fragile fucking baby and not an adult. I'm angry that after two years, he still doesn't understand what boundaries are or why a guilt trip isn't going to win me back (not that I would go back). I'm angry that I can't control the narrative, and that no matter how I respond to such an asinine message, I'll always be the monster of a daughter who "disowned" her own father, and if I say he abused me, then the response from my step mom/ step siblings will be "grow the fuck up! Can't you see how immature this is? Look what you're doing to him!" They turn a blind eye because they weren't there for the worst of it. I was 15 when he started dating her, so they have always viewed me as kind of a weirdo outsider. They are eating up this "poor me, what did I ever do to you!?" BS my dad is clinging to, and it's infuriating.

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