Weekly Vents and Successes Thread - August 22, 2022

I met this girl and our first date went really well. She mentioned how we're compatible and all, but last week we were texting and she didn't respond for a couple days. So I hit her up with "how was your day" in the evening. Nothing back so I texted again the next day asking if everything was ok". She hits me with a "You're texting me too much" so I responded saying "im sorry if I pushed any boundaries or made you uncomfortable, I'll leave you alone". She says that shes got a lot going on with school and work which i understand we all have things going on.The next day she sends me a snapchat with a selfish and "good morninggggg" so I respond back with "afternoon". Boom, nothing back for the whole day just left on read. And here we are now where she'll randomly send me selfish with captions like "tired" and etc. Anytime I reply I get nothing back. Sorry for the rant, been really annoyed with the vague signals.

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