[Weekly] Weekly Wrap Up Friday

Week off in the schedule. Even with 13 days to recover, my ankle and shoulder are still barking (never get old). I'm getting pretty disheartened about the whole season. It's a league where the rink puts together teams that are supposed to be balanced based on an early draft skate, but we've lost our first two games 11-2 and 11-1. Last game we only had 8 skaters show up, and I am not in good enough shape to log 28 minutes on D, especially when most of it is actually spent actively on defense in our own zone.

Trying to maintain a positive outlook for tonight's game. If everyone shows up and the other team is a little weaker than the ones we've had so far, maybe we can keep it competitive-ish. Tonight would be a good night for the hockey gods to let me pot one to keep spirits high.

I'm a little tempted to just eat the sunk cost and abandon ship for another rink, but I like my teammates and don't want to leave it even worse for them.

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