Weekly "What Should I Buy" Thread for 2017-May-17

Thinking about buying an OP-1 next paycheck. I currently have a Kaossilator Pro, KP3+, Volca Keys, Volca Sample, and a MiniNova. Probably going to get rid of the Kaossilator and Sample to make room for the OP-1, especially since it can pretty much do everything those two can do plus more, but mainly because I quickly grew very tired of these two pieces of gear; they just don't sound good to me (they were very much impulse buys).

I like the idea of having an all-in-one production station that doesn't have all the distractions like an iPad, for example, would have. I've watched hours and hours of OP-1 videos, and I'm just in love with the thing. I could do all the same things in Ableton, but I just don't find Ableton to be fun, whereas playing with my hardware, pressing buttons, turning physical knobs, just really excites my brain.

That said, after I've learned so much about this OP-1, and hearing from all the people who are in love with it, I still see a lot of people cautioning those who want to buy one. So am I making a huge mistake, or is an OP-1 as great as it seems? Note that I am by no means a professional (as you can tell by my previous choices in gear), and I just jam out for fun. This has been the best hobby I've ever picked up, and I feel like an OP-1 could make it that much more fun.

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