Weekly 'wow Japan has a word for everything' shit-tard post which ignores the simple fact that most Euro-asian langauges use agglutinative morphology, but no one gives a shit about Mongolia.

Japanese has many words that we don’t have in other languages.

One example is 着る、かぶる、履く、する. Depending on where you wear your clothes, you use different words. Afaik in English you only have “wear”.

On the other hand, they don’t differentiate between fish bones and land animal bones. It’s always 骨. In French for example, fish bones are called “arêtes”, and animal bones called “os”.

I suppose that the original OP didn’t meant trivial words like this but more words that cannot or are hard to describe even using a phrase. Even though I can’t come up with an example directly, I’m sure that there are words from other languages that are hard to translate or explain only using one or even by using several words.

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