Weight loss?

What you do now is similar to how I was prior to the pandemic. I was hitting the gym 4-5x a week, sometimes taking yoga or dance classes, and eating mostly a diet of vegetables and fruit with zero takeout. I made sure to get around 1200 calories to maintain 106lbs. This was prior to either medication. I had to be super consistent and work hard to maintain (wasn’t eating any gluten items, dairy, or anything with artificial sweetener) and I was doing a form of fasting where you eat all of your calories for the day in one huge meal which I would have at breakfast time, and I was drinking 100oz of water a day with tons of coffee/tea.... that’s mainly why I’m like.... wtf right now lol. It was a lot of work!

I’m mainly guesstimating calories at this point but I would say I am consuming around an average of 1600/day, eating mainly takeout with one healthy meal that I make at home, 3 meals a day and often dinner is at night past 7pm— and introduced bread and dairy back into the mix even though I’m not supposed to have the latter because of hormonal acne.

I’m eventually going to ease back into my old eating habits because I had way more energy, better skin with way less flareups, and of course I saved way more money.

When I went back to the gym I lost a bit and was averaging 112lbs which I was fine with. I understand that losing weight via only physical exercise takes longer than a diet overhaul and admittedly I’ve been stress/comfort eating since March.

Then quitting the spiro — it was really shocking to see the scale go down every single day by more and more when nothing else was changing. I first tried spiro in 2019 and my first experience gave me no appetite and made me dizzy. That’s why I originally quit it. The pandemic rolled around and I decided to try it again because my acne got so bad — stress— and got a new prescription. Didn’t have any dizziness or appetite issues this time around — although I was taking it right before bed, to avoid both..... anyway, there are tons of testimonials online of people gaining weight on spiro so I guess it just hit my body differently this second time around. I actually had boobs for like the first time in my life (normally an A-cup; and of course those were the first to go — RIP lol)

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