It's a weird concept that you can post a completely random thought on here and have it removed because it's similar to something that's been posted in the past. It's cool that a complete stranger happened to be thinking the same thing as you at one point.

I'm not a bot, beep boop.

Parallel thinking is defined as a thinking process where focus is split in specific directions. When done in a group it effectively avoids the consequences of the adversarial approach (as used in courts).

In adversarial debate, the objective is to prove) or disprove statements put forward by the parties (normally two). This is also known as the dialectic approach. In Parallel Thinking, practitioners put forward as many statements as possible in several (preferably more than two) parallel tracks. This leads to exploration of a subject where all participants can contribute, in parallel, with knowledge, facts, feelings, etc.

Crucial to the method is that the process is done in a disciplined manner, and that all participants play along and contribute in parallel. Thus each participant must stick to the specific track.

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