Weird. I now know what it's like to have confidence when Dan Uggla comes to the plate.

WOW that got you worked up. Have you considered that simply hitting report does, like, nothing? You make it sound like it calls a drone strike in on you, when it simply calls them over to take a look. I really don't give a Dan Ugglas's forearm whether you keep posting in this sub as long as they take down the pic you posted of me, and considering there are like 5 of them and 1 of you, I'll have much better luck getting the pic removed sooner by messaging them to delete it instead of you.

This seems like a classic case of a person going fucking bananas and trying to use their slight reddit popularity to power move others into banning someone for bullshit reasons.

What the hell are you talking about? Popularity? I have literally posted in this sub once before, I doubt any users here would even recognize me. And I've literally had no problems ever with any users in baseball subs besides you and that Sid Bream person, but considering they are regarded as a basically a Nats troll I'm not worrying about that.

And if you don't understand why other people might not want to see pictures of themselves randomly posted, well then the stereotypes about Braves fans intelligence are truer than I thought. All you gotta do is admit you crossed the line in an argument and remove the links from your comments, but like Andrelton Simmons in an 0-2 count you just keep digging yourself a deeper hole.

Damn, I just hope the /r/Braves mods ban me at this point so I don't make the mistake of coming back into this sub again. No offense to the intelligent Braves fans I've had good conversations with before and look forward to seeing in other baseball subs.

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