Weird thing on the last Podcast i wanted to talk about.

kinda just seem like a hater stating streamers make millions playing a game they love when they def dont make millions at all especially streaming tarkov. meanwhile pestily literally is donating all money donated in 2020 to charity but hes just some random streamer who hates mosins even though he uses them more than anyone.

do i think streamers should shape the game. HELL NO i dont have time like they do. but pestily barley brings up any changes and for someone whos played the game for thousands of hours and doesnt run around as a kitted out chad i trust his opinions. part of way you say i stand behind but then the rest of it just seems like you have a bit of envy behind it all and arent really thinking big picture but instead just focusing on "wow pestily said to make lps more exspensive by 1000 and now its price went up 200 wtf"

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