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Judging from the amount of anime subreddits you comment on, and the fact that you believe that all republicans are now nazis, and the fact that you have no college education, and the fact that you’re an actual tucking weaboo, I have no choice but to say that you are the ultimate fucking loser, who is so blindly convinced by far-left social media.

Why do you think I have no idea how economics works, when you yourself have no college education, cannot speak in proper grammar, and you point out that I’m not worth your time at this point because you know that I’m right and you’re pathetically wrong. It just hit you didn’t you? How pathetic it is to say that Jeff Bezos and the likes should be going to jail for owning billions of dollars in assets?

Does it hurt your feelings that he had tier 1 college education and that he was smart enough to even come up with the idea of a monopoly, that you will live and work on the same blue collar job for the rest of your life and that your electrical circuiting hobby will get you nowhere because you’re a pathetic involuntary celibate who cannot for the love of God, socialize outside the context of an Internet website?

I honestly don’t give a rats ass if you had a blue collar job or not, but it’s cathartic for me to think that this is what makes you mad, and that this is what makes you tear up behind that small screen of yours. I have plenty of friends with shitty jobs and a lack of college education, but none of them come close to the amount of feeling of superiority that you have, simply because you listened to some podcasts online. Maybe make your comments private so that I don’t criticize you for liking anime, or for being a fucking hypocrite dumbass. The Hong Kong post says it all. You just hate republicans and their ideas, no matter what. You try to justify it but your pea sized mind cannot. It’s just a gut feeling of hating republicans, so you call them Nazis.

Have a great day.

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