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Hello all, nice to read about all of you. I'm a 30 something female who had been working in wearhouses mostly. I got a degree in Business Administration later in life. I struggled to go to school while working the overtime required at jobs that paid me enough to live. I always hated the corporate life but I found myself in a decent job. However, I got burned when I had a baby just before a pandemic and my boss felt I cared more about the baby than my job. I lost everything I had built over my life in the first part of 2020. Now I'm starting over again and it sucks. However, I've been using my poor person skills to limp my husband and I along on about $35,000 a year (not much in my city) for the past months while we reskill. I'm never going back to the corporate world, in my experience the people that make it up tend to be the worst kind of human. Together we have taken over 70 man hours out of the workforce, a fact we are proud of. We will hold the line as long as we can.

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