if your disagreement is because of a feeling of discomfort, disgust, aversion, anger or hate, it's transphobia, otherwise it's not, and that's the truth!

I would agree with that.

What is a male and what is a female, according to you, then? Let me point out just one thing, and you can expand from there.

In the strictest possible sense, a female is someone who typically produces large immobile gametes, and male is someone who typically produces small, mobile gametes. There are many many atypical males and females, that we still call males and females.

For humans with no defects males and females are quite physically different down to the chromosomes. Obviously at the most basic and noticeable difference is that the human male will have a penis and a female will have a vagina and from there you can go through part by part and compare.

Atypical is exactly that, not a representative of a particular sex in general. There will always be odds and ends that do not conform but at the same time doesn't change what the male and female standard are.

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