Well.. this guy is going straight to hell

Except it’s literally not praised. Nobody praises obesity and on the contrary, the reddit comments prove that a majority of people view obese people as sub human. Y’all take a very small minority that’s pushing for fat positivity and saying every obese person is like that. You people also use the excuse “being obese is not healthy” when saying nasty shit about obese people, even though someone’s personal health is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! Focus on your own health and don’t be so butt hurt that other people don’t choose to keep their health in check. Truth is most obese people, like me, hate ourselves to the point where I would gladly accept Covid killing me, or my heart randomly giving out in the middle of the night. That would end this shitfest where everyone automatically becomes health experts and constantly tells me and others that were killing ourselves, when WE ALREADY KNOW! We’re also fighting with major bouts of anxiety and depression and there are usually many extremely hard barriers to get over in order to make complete life alterations in order to start losing. Whether the typical Redditor wants to admit it or not, fat shaming is 100% acceptable and encouraged, and anything else is just encouraging people to kill themselves. Fat people are disgusting and have no place in society.

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