Well...at least she’s finally being honest . #scambryliegha

She isn’t that dumb. My theory: she was frustrated with the amount of competition in the anti-MLM community. Between her convos with that Monat distributor and the amount of huns that come out of the woodwork in response to anti-MLM content, she recognized an enormous community of engaged social media users/consumers that were open to buying what she was selling (online “courses” and life coaching). I’m guessing Monat was more than happy to throw in a down line to get her started. The optics of all of this must be gold for them.

IMO there is zero chance she is actually using these products, no matter what she says. The only thing I’ve ever seen her be committed to is her vanity, so you won’t convince me that she’d let that stuff anywhere near her hair if there was even a fraction of a chance it would cause it to fall out lol.

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