Well while we wait for chicago to hand out some dings...advice?

You’re not alone. Just had a very bad and emotional breakup with a girl I’ve been seeing for 5+ years and also considered marrying. This all happened several weeks ago, and I’m sure I’ll never see her again.

I haven’t gotten into the schools that I’ve been hoping for and have been missing wave after wave, but I am certain that once I get into law school and start working my ass off, I’ll have forgotten all about this terrible break up. New people will come around, new work in the form of case files and legal writing, and, most likely, I’ll be in an entirely new city or state. In fact, one of the things that consoled me at the end of our relationship was when I thought, “I’ll be an attorney pretty soon.” When I said that, I felt that a new leaf was turning and I was prepared for the experience - and most important, the work - that awaited me.

There’s a lot to look forward to. This wait is grueling, I agree, and I am starting to think that these Admissions Committees are trolling us all with these status checkers and cryptic “UR” statuses, but let’s just hold tight and wherever we end up, we’ll work hard and be ready for a new chapter and, hopefully, for new people and a new life/career.

Good luck with all your admissions. I’m also waiting for some news from Chicago for tomorrow and recently fell into the black hole of anxiety that is this subreddit (haha), but if not, I’m still ready to welcome the next chapter because there will be one in some form or another, and it’ll end with me becoming an attorney and doing what I set out to do for years.

Take care of yourself.

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