Is Wells Fargo still down?

I am just going to give my personal experience with this ordeal from beginning to end. On 2/6 I attempted to log in to my Wells Fargo account through the mobile app and received a message immediately after one attempt that my account was suspended and I have to go online to reset my password. Once I entered all the necessary information I was redirected to another webpage stating that Wells Fargo is unable to fulfill my request at the time. I have tried resetting my password ever since and ending with the same result.

On 2/8, this past Friday night, I decided to check my account balance through the phone to make sure my bsuiness expenses from the previous week were deposited. This is when I was informed my checking was significantly lower than when I checked it this previous Sunday 2/3.

I am newly employed meaning I do not have a enormous amount of money in my bank account and low activity due to myself traveling for busy season every week. I got in touch with a banker Friday night, 2/8, to find out information regarding the low balance and had them start with Friday transactions, 2/1, which is when I got paid to review all of my activity since I had minimal transactions.

My transactions included on Friday a deposit of a significant amount to my savings to deposit into my Fideilty account once I had time on Sunday to transfer it into my Roth IRA ( I had saved a portion of January to compensate myself not being enrolled in my company's retirement plan until March 1, 2019. This Fidelity account is linked to my Checking account at Wells Fargo. On Sunday I transferred the significant amount I mentioned before from my Savings to my Checking and then proceeded to transfer this balance immediately to Fidelity. This is the ISSUE, THIS TRANSFER.

I proceed to call a banker and start with Friday activity. Once I confirm the amount in my savings following the transfers on Friday in my Savings I proceed to ask them the amount in my Savings again on Sunday, it being the same significant amount as the end of Friday (post transfers). I then ask the banker once they confirm the significant amount in Savings I ask them to confirm the amount transferred from my savings to my Checkings, confirming that my savings account had be withdrawn which they do in fact confirm and reduce my balance. I follow up with a request to view my Checkings activity to see that amount deposited into my Checkings account from my Savings. THEY HUNG UP. I wrote all the transactions down and followed the same process, basically perfecting it, and called another banker and at the same exact point when I ask to view my checkings activity to confirm that the amount from my Savings to my Checkings was desposited THEY HUNG UP AGAIN.

I thought it might have been a coincidence. I was wrong. I proceeded to call 2 more bankers and before I tell them to confirm my checkings had received my Savings transfer that 2 other bankers have hung up at this exact moment twice and then 3 times before. The banker would respond "do not worry, I will not not hang up on you and I;m so sorry this has happened to you before me". I then proceed to ask to view my Checkings activity to confirm the transfer from my Savings had been deposited into my Checkings. They hang up at the EXACT SAME TIME THE OTHERS HUNG UP. I proceeded to try one last attempt and asked for a supervisor which I was able to get in contact with. I followed the same process of reviewing my activity with the supervisor and reached the EXACT same point and told him before I proceed I have been hung immediately after I ask this question of confirming the transfer from my Savings to my Checkings. HE HUNG THE FUCK UP ON ME.

My transfer was lost and Wells Fargo

I have my speculations but I will keep that to myself, take what you want from my experience. I have my own opinions on what is really going on and they're not great.

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