Welp I'm a huge creep and looking for a new job

A similar situation happened to me recently, except I'm in the Corolla Girl's position:

A girl (who I do not know) and I got into my apartment complex elevator. We both entered the elevator from the lobby and she pressed floor 3 and then she pressed floor 5 (the floor that I live on) and then she asked me what floor I was going to. I just looked at her, gave somewhat of an awkward weirded-out laugh, and said "5, but I guess you already knew that." To which she replied, very nervously, "Oh I don't know why I pressed 5!"

I had no idea who this girl was, I still have no idea, however I still think about it every once in a while, and not in a desperate "I wish I would've talked to that girl more because she probably wanted sex" kind of way. I would just like to know how she knew where I lived.

I will say, I live right over the main entrance of my complex and my roommates and I are always on our balcony yelling/joking around with anyone that walks by or enters the building and our faces can be easily seen when we do this. So she may have recognized me from that.

Either way, what I'm getting at here is this: It doesn't matter to me that this girl knows where I live, I would just like to know how she knows.

To bring this all together and relate it to your situation: In my opinion, I would talk to Corolla Girl and explain the situation and how you knew what car she drove and that you panicked when you slipped up and said it to her. There's about an 80% chance that she's been in your position before and knows the feeling.

Also, I would ask her out for a drink or for dinner or whatever you feel comfortable with. From personal experience I've learned (and I know this is very cliche) that it's much better to ask and receive an answer than to never know.

AND ONE MORE THING, if anyone is actually still reading this (I hope at least you are, OP): I see other comments saying that this is an insignificant interaction. While it may be insignificant to some people, it is obviously significant to you. I believe that if you talk to Corolla Girl, you will be able to gauge how significant or insignificant these types of interactions actually are. Anyone can tell you what you should or shouldn't worry about, but until you actually experience it for yourself, their opinions will never prove useful.

Again, just my opinion, but it's what I would do.

Sorry for the book I just wrote, I'm jet-lagged in a different country and can't go to sleep.

TL;DR I think you should talk to her about it and explain what happened AND take a shot at asking her out.

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