So I went and bought clothes and took new pictures in good lighting like people told me to do. Will any of these photos work?

Bald and fat don't make someone ugly. Women are superficial as fuck and only care about strong hypermasculine facial structure. You can be a literal centaur and as long as your face has a chin that sticks out past your lip, has high vertical height, and a jawline that's highly defined and wide with a gonial angle of > 120 degrees, women will find you worthy of dating. Conversely, any man who has a soft jaw, a short chin, or a chin that is behind their bottom lip, or any combination of the above, is deemed automatically below average by women. What's even more comical is the women who deem these guys below average looking often have the same features they eschew. I live in Seattle and walk around every weekend and see flat-faced flat-nosed asian women pining after model-looking white guys. They are superficial as fuck.

Show me your jaw and prove to me that it's bad and I'll admit all women are beautiful and kind.

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