Went to the Brevard zoo yesterday. Kinda quick so a bit disappointing... but on the plus side I made a friend!

$20 and took me 45 minutes to see and do everything. Probably would’ve been less if I didn’t get lost around the alligators. Side note too that I didn’t try the zipline or kayak.

Not a lot of animals. Granted a few places were closed off for construction (like a bear exhibit). Was mainly birds and reptiles.

Still a pleasant walk. Australian trail thing was good. Bird aviary had so many birds willing to get close.

I think my only problem was charging $20. Maybe I’m spoiled. I’m used to the Saint Louis Zoo which is huge and free. Or the Denver zoo which is $20 but takes a few hours to walk around.

All in all a good afternoon for a new person in town. Just don’t really see myself going back unless someone wants me to tag along.

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