I Went Camping & Didn't Blow It

I don't think there is anything to "unpack" in OP's comment.

For health reasons, OP has decided to eat a certain way. That is their right and prerogative.

Say OP had opted to become vegetarian for health reasons -- not an insane thing to do. They would probably also be bringing their own food. They would probably also not eat at restaurants where they couldn't verify if the food had been prepared with animal products or restaurants with no vegetarian options. Would you consider this decision and behavior in need of therapy and dietary counseling too?

It's not helpful for you to be projecting your opinions onto OP's friends. All indications from OP are that her friends understand and accept her decision, so why put it out there that OP sounds insufferable? Who does that piece of projection help? What is the goal here?

Calorie counting doesn't dictate OP's entire life. It informs what she eats. I suppose if eating were her entire life that might be true. But limiting intake based on calories is a perfectly sane and healthy approach to weight loss which is, after all, presumably the goal on a sub called /r/loseit?

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