Went on a date, lots of touching and laughing, kissed her... but now she isn't responding to my text.

This is an complex one but it takes a lot of experience to understand, or an awesome guy to teach you who has lots of experience.

This is a common one among guys I coach.

Here's the deal. One of the most common things my students come to me with, assuming they are already experienced and just want to make some tweaks to improve their game, is - The Dreaded, "I made out with her but never saw her again."

Let me tell you what I tell them...

Kissing a girl CAN KILL your seduction.

What I should add to that is, kissing at the wrong place/wrong TIME can kill a seduction.

Making out is fun, it makes you feel good, you get to get turned on and she gets turned on, and you get the validation from it. Your mind is telling you she likes you and you are going to get laid.

However what's her mind telling her?

Well in that moment she loves it. She feels as good as you do.

But LATER, and that could be hours, or even just moments, her mind starts to roll.. She says, "Well I know he likes me. That feels good. But now I know what he wants. He thinks this is going to lead to sex. Do I like him that much? Do I want to have sex with him? Then he might want a relationship and want to see me again? Am I ready for that? blah blah blah blah blah"

Here's the thing. ONLY - ONLY - ONLY - Make out with girls when you know you can take things all the way to sex.

Read that again if you have to. Making out is a step to seduction, it is NOT the seduction. Once you kiss a girl, your cards are played. She gets her validation and knows what you want. Now it is up to her to decide if she wants to take it further, and if you give a girl too much time, her brain will overload - girls will even tell you this shit - their brains go on overdrive and that's not good for you.

So, ONLY kiss girls when you think you can take it to the next level. That means, have a seduction location ready to go. You need to make sure that once you start making out, you can actually take her to a seduction location FAST and continue on with the seduction.

EXAMPLE: A student of mine had a bar near his home. It was only a couple blocks away. There was this cool couch in the back, he said, that he would take his dates to, isolate, escalate, start making out, then he said, he would have problems getting the girls back to his place after that. He wasn't sure what he was doing wrong.

I told him, "No more Make-Out Couch!" Get these girls BACK TO YOUR PLACE before making out with them. Even if you can make out with her, and you know it, tease her. If you do kiss her make sure it's about 1 or 2 seconds, then PUSH HER AWAY and say, "That's all you get."

But tease her, "You soo want to kiss me right now." Maybe hover in, like you are going to kiss her, then pull away. Then just go back to being on a normal day2, but hold hands, kino or whatever....

But don't make out until you get back to your pad."

He listened and sure enough he reported within a week or 2 that he was closing these girls a lot more now.

So moral of the story, kiss when you can fuck. Don't kiss when you can't fuck.

I can get into huge details about this if you want, so if you have questions or clarification, please ask.

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