We'Re ActuALly sLAveS riGHt NoW!

Random thought, I wonder what the suicide rate was amongst American slaves in the 1800's, or amongst slaves in general throughout history (if there is even a way to track that accurately) compared to the working poor and middle class of today's western world. I only say this wondering which state felt more hopeless.

Obviously straight up slaves suffered greatly, but the person replying is almost dismissive of all modern day suffering, when I would argue that in some ways people are suffering more than they have previously throughout history. Once again, obviously not in the ways that "traditional slaves" suffered. I guess the person replying being so callous towards modern day life being "work work work die / try to enjoy something inbetween", just rubbed me the wrong way. I wonder if they had more hope, or hell even more communal satisfaction than we do now. Totally spitballing here, but I wouldn't be surprised if the general low-middle income suicide rate is far higher than that of the slaves throughout history, which in it's own way would say a lot about modern times.

Sure, I don't have people whipping my ass physically, but it sure feels like people are whipping my ass emotionally, mentally, financially. Modern day life feels like I am just trying to keep ass whippings at bay, be it credit debt, student debt, work bull shit, bills, exhaustion, meaningless etc etc.

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