You were the chosen one!!!

Why are gamers so offended when developers actually defend their game? When gamers at the same time call developers assholes, idiots, lazy asses and all other shit.

The problem with this is, the gamers that are offended and the gamers that are offending aren't necessarily the same gamers. DICE can defend their game, but they need to maintain professionalism else they risk alienating their entire consumer base.

Imagine eating at your favourite restaurant, the same restaurant that you had been loyal to for 15 years. The menu changed over the years but you still kept coming back because the menu always had something special that kept you coming back. Now imagine that restaurant completely changed their menu, but not only that, the kitchen staff were turning out undercooked meat, not only that but they served you fish when you asked for steak and then they insult you when you tell them that it isn't steak. THen they say "if you don't like it, don't come back"....

Would you go back to that restaurant?

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