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Yea I know Abrash is a scummy liar and that valve does a lot of R&D.

Vulkan and lighthouse are the only noteworthy things they have done in the past 10 years. Lighthouse and Vulkan are great because they have benefitted other developers way more than it has helped Valve. They are both significant things, but Valve hasn't used any of that to their own advantage.

The way I see it, it's the engineers at the company trying as hard as they can to do something of Value. Those people would have come up with those innovations inside or outside of Valve. Perfect example Jeri Ellsworth and how she has continued with her AR work despite Valve owning a lot of patents she invented which has impeded her ability to continue her work outside of Valve.

Who cares about Twitter I never brought them up, and they are so incompetent they can't stop crypto scammers on their site. It's pathetic to give companies respect when they spend years shitting on users experiences.

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