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1.A(n) ________ function applies a logical test to see if a specific condition is met: logical 2.Arguments in a function are separated by a(n) _____.: comma 3.The bar, located below the Ribbon, that displays the active cell's content is the __.: Formula bar 4.The _____ button inserts a function that sums selected cells.: AutoSum 5.The ________ button is the arrow to the right of a header row label in a table.: filter 6.The cell content shown in the formula bar is referred to as the ________ value.: underlying 7.A cell that remains the same when it is copied or filled to other cells is a(n) _____.: Absolute cell reference 8.A _____ chart is used to illustrate comparisons of related numbers: column 9.The cut and copy commands make use of temporary storage called the _____: Clipboard 10.The _____ dialog box is used to relocate a chart to another worksheet: Move Chart 11.The displayed value of a cell is replaced with a series of # symbols when _____.: the column is too narrow to display the entire value 12.Double-clicking a worksheet tab will __.: select the tab's name 13.Excel evaluates the formula =4-2*6/2+7 and performs _____ first.: Multiplication 14.The Excel feature used to automatically adjust column width to the longest column entry is _____: Autofit 15.The function IF can have a maximum of _____ argument(s): three 16.The ________ group on the Page Layout tab includes options for adjusting worksheet column width and worksheet row height to fit a maximum number of pages.: Scale to Fit 17.Headers and footers are visible in the ________ view: Page Layout. 18.In a function, the range in parentheses is the _____.: argument 19.In Excel the term worksheet and _____ mean the same thing.: Spreadsheet 20.A ________ is a prebuilt chart format that applies an overall visual look to a chart: chart style 21.The ________ is a statistical function that adds a group of values and then divides the result by the number of values in the group.: AVERAGE 22.A ________ is a worksheet that displays and summarizes totals from other worksheets: summary sheet 23.The keyboard shortcut to insert the current date, obtained from your computer, is _____.: [Ctrl] + ; 24.The Logical test in the function IF function must contain a(n) __: comparison operator 25.Non-adjacent cells can be selected in a worksheet by holding down the _____ key.: Ctrl 26.Normal View does NOT display _____.: headers and footers 27.The number of decimals places and the appearance commas, dollar signs, or other symbols are features of number __.: format 28.The _____ outlines all the cells referenced in a formula.: range finder 29.The prebuilt Excel function ________ returns the serial number of the current date and time.: NOW 30.The Select All Sheets option appears when the user _____.: right-clicks on a sheet tab 31.Sheet tab grouping can be canceled by __: single-clicking on any worksheet tab 32.That Freeze Panes is being used in a worksheet is indicated by __.: a border 33.Two or more adjacent cells in a worksheet are a(n) __.: range 34.An underlying value that does mathematical calculations on numeric values in a worksheet is __.: a formula 35.A unique color or pattern identifying data markers that belong to the same data series is displayed in the chart __.: legend 36.Using the Paste button on cells in a selected destination pastes __: content and formatting 37.What is applied to a cell when the value of the cell meets a specified condition?: Conditional formatting 38.What values does the user need to input or confirm in the Format as Table dialog box?: cell range and "My table has headers" option 39.When an embedded chart is selected and the worksheet is printed, __.: only the chart is printed 40.When a section of a worksheet displaying numeric values is selected, the _____ appears; this is used to apply conditional formatting or to insert: Quick Analysis Lens button 41.When a Total row summary function is inserted at the bottom of a table column and the summary function COUNT is selected, the displayed value of the COUNT function represents the number of _____.: the number of cells in the column that contain a number value 42.When identifying a cell as B5, you are using its __.: Cell Address 43.When multiple worksheet tabs are selected, the title bar displays the word _____ after the name of the workbook.: Group 44.When no cells are selected and the AutoSum button is clicked, Excel first looks ________ the active cell for a suitable range to sum.: above. 45.When pasting a range of cells, you only need to select the ________ corner of the paste area.: upper left 46.When several worksheets are grouped, inserting a row _____.: inserts it into all of the worksheets in the group 47.Which cells are included in the notation A1:D1?: A1, B1, C1, and D1 48.Which date is assigned the serial number of 1?: January 1, 1900 49.Which is an example of an Excel function?: SUM(D6:D8) 50.Which term is used to refer to automatic adjustment of cell references in a copied formula?: relative cell reference. 51.A worksheet tab can be removed from view by right-clicking the tab and selecting _____ from the shortcut menu.: Hide.

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