'We're on our knees': nurse pleads with public to stay indoors

I am not sure what to think about this. On the one hand, the people who are being dumb are historically the people who have opposed an open fair and just society. On the other hand, people are dying. And on the third hand... C02 emissions are dropping like a rock, which is a good thing. On the fourth hand, this could kill me or my loved ones. On the fifth hand, this virus indiscriminately kills people it infects so... yikes?

Yeah her message is important, but does it need to be pounded through people's skulls? If you are going to keep walking around and call the virus fake news and keep congregating... you will get infected. Do you deserve it from a moral standpoint? No you don't. But do you deserve it from an evolutionary standpoint? Let's see here... several billion years of evolution, a brain that can predict dangers, an information system better than any your ancestors ever had, and your still making bad choices? Yup that's a darwin award.

But, do you deserve it if you associate with someone who makes these bad choices? If you didn't know or didn't have a choice, no you don't, but if you did know... then you do deserve it from an evolutionary standpoint. This whole covid thing is a great reset on our society, and its killing the old and the dumb first. That does not mean it isn't terrible, or that its something to rejoice about. But I don't feel scared or sad about it either... I just feel numb.

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