The West is dead

Okay feminism is really a war against men, and the more freedom that women get the less they need men. They are already outnumbering men in universities, and in the work place. If a woman is a single parent then she can have the government support her, which means she doesn't need a man. So we have the destruction of the family unit, which has been happening since FDR instituted the welfare state after the Great Depression. Since this happened, black families have descended further into crime, and become even more dependent on the welfare state. Having a large government is a form of socialism, and our governments have been progressively becoming more larger in the last 50 years. What culture do we have? Watching football and drinking beer? People cant even have a real conversation these days unless its on social media. Our fertility rate in the west is below the replacement requirement, so its at 1.6 children per woman. Other cultures have 3.0-8.0 and cant afford to look after them. We are also bringing in millions of immigrants every year, who will have tons of kids, may be on welfare, and will undermine our societies and replace the local people. Most liberal parties will encourage massive immigration because those people will vote for them. Mental illness is a joke, and the medications they give to people for it, are chemically lobotomizing them. They all cause severe brain damage and disrupt normal brain functioning. No wonder some people think there are 61 genders. Homosexuality is used to further lower the amount of births white people have. Along with contraceptives and abortions. You go to university to learn how to hate western civilization, be diagnosed as having a mental illness and put on drugs, and taught a Marxist agenda.

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