The West must now wage total economic war against Vladimir Putin

I'm English (hense Albion).

I know what Germany has done. They decided to condem a group of people because of their ethinicty and judged them before knowing them. I wonder who speaks like that.

fuck Germany we should have left your asses wasting away in the rubble of your obliterated empire

What because they buy gas off russia? I'm sure alllllll of canadas energy comes from ethical sources and causes zero human suffering.

Do you know what Canada has done historically? I'm sure the First Nations will be happy to tell you all about it. I know what England has done, which makes forgiving a nation for the sins of their grandparents a bit easier.

But to pretend Gemany is not helping as much as canada is a bit disengenous, they have taken in countless more refugees, ahve already taken steps to reduce their gas consumption, and are providing military support. And I imagine lots of Germans have sents 1200kgs of aid. You are picking fights with your allies and to be honest, it sounds like you could start an argument in an empty room.

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