Westminster voting intention: LAB: 41% (+1) CON: 37% (-1) UKIP: 7% (+4) LDEM: 6% (-4) GRN: 2% (-) via @Survation, 31 Aug - 01 Sep Chgs. w/ 07 Jul

"tory lite with some populist policies tacked on"

This demonstrates 2 things: that they're shit at getting across their policies, and also that people are shit at paying attention and will just make up any old bollocks to feel informed.

This is the graph of the long run distributional impact assessment from the IFS for the 2017 manifestos.

Tory lite my arse. If any platform could be described as 'Tory results, but populist' it'd be Corbyn's middle class handouts to rich students and train commuters while cynically talking about food banks all the time (while not promising to reverse the benefit cuts that they're likely the result of). Compare that with policies like '1p on income tax to improve the NHS' or 'replace business rates with a land value tax to better serve the modern economy and reinvigorate the high street'.

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