We've been drinking the kool-aid, subreddit!

This is coming completely from the outside. But I think a combination of politicians who are generally hated anyway appearing not to deliver what they promised & squabbling instead along with the name-calling (sexist, homophobe, xenophobe, uneducated people hurting themselves yada yada) has probably resulted in a bigger majority than the original referendum.

This is why Trump will win again. Me & my Communist buddie were laughing about an a NY Times op-ed where the writer was interviewing an imaginary Trump voter. The next week I was having a really friendly discussion with an old school Democrat, a Communist & a socialist with me being a trump supporter.

I've been called racist over trite political disagreements when I have both a black & an Indian brother in law. & My fav boss of all time was a black dude.

Often the people hurling these interactions have far less diversity in their day to day interactions with the people they pretend to champion than I have. At some point you just want to throw rocks at their glass house, so you do.

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