This is what $1000.00 in Steam Gift Cards looks like. Oh, I'm giving them away to YOU! Get ready for a fun contest starting tomorrow!!!

I would love a card so I could buy Dark Souls 2

I'm highly interested in this game. I'm a pretty old school gamer, when I compare this game to Price on Persia I don't mean the 3D version. but the 1989 platformer version. And this game does remind me of that quite a bit as it's going back to it's roots. Prince of persia was one of the earliest games for me that I played and it was very unique in the sense that this was one of the very first game to do hand to hand combat in the form of dueling. It was EXTREMELY HARD to the point of being frustrating but this wasn't due to bad level designing or faulty controls. No, it was actually very well thought out. I also think it was one of the first games that didn't have any real set of goals. You would just wake up in a dungeon and had to escape before the princess was married off. You had no map, no compass no real sense of direction where to go. You just had to use instinct, guesswork and lots and lots of experimenting aka DYING 100s of times.

For the time, the death scenes were probably considered brutal. You would get impaled by spikes and see yourself bleed to death, you would drink poisonous potions and watch yourself slowly die. There were guillotine saw traps that would cut your body in half, the sword duels usually resulted in your neck being slit open. It was awesome! Before this deaths would just be a little BLIP sound maybe a little jingle ala mario and the pixels would usually invert or something to signify you died.

So, hopefully you're reading this and going "Wow this sounds a lot like Dark Souls!", that's what I'm going for! To me Prince of Persia was the original Dark Souls! The bosses were so brutal, you would usually have 3 hearts to start with but by the time you got to the boss you had already faced tons of assassins in sword duels so you would be battling bosses with a measly half heart which meant life or death by a single swing. This was a game that didn't hold your hand or gave you a tutorial. It didn't ask you 'would you like to switch to easy mode?' after dying so many times. There are ZERO checkpoints so you have to start from the beginning every single time you die. It was unforgiving and I loved it! I want to experience that again, in 3D! Maybe it won't feel as frustrating if I'm awed by the graphics and gameplay...right? Right? Where are you going /u/StartupTim ? Why are you crying? Don't let them kill me! No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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