What ability do you think is secretly overpowered that doesn't get much attention?

Ghiaccio and White Album from JJBA.

His Stand doesn't manipulate ice, it manipulates temperature, and while it physically only has melee capabilities, Ghiaccio himself has stated that he could freeze the entire ocean if he wanted to. We saw how much trouble this supped up air conditioner put Mista in, who has Sex Pistols, which is like a sentient aim-bot that also protects you, and Giorno, who can literally play God and turn any object into any living thing with Gold Experience.

Yeah, he isn't some omnipotent being of hyperversal destruction, but he could probably wipe out an entire planet if he really wanted to; he's easily one of the strongest characters in his story, only losing because of how overpowered Giorno was combined with him and Mista's strategic genius.

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