What about periods makes you uncomfortable??

Just the complaining mostly. I have a defect in my intestines that causes inflammation and bleeding which is quite painful and it happens more days a month than not. I dont have anyone to complain to about it. My wife says just "get the surgery" and doesn't care to remember that it would be out of pocket as it's not covered by our insurance until it hospitalises me which means basically I need to nearly die of sepsis or bleeding to death and be admitted to a hospital. Also we have little money. So I have this terrible pain and embarrassing bleeding out my ass more than 50% of the time that can be near impossible to hide some days and the pain can be nearly crippling during an attack and I don't get to complain about it at all ever or society will see me as less of a man just for having a defect in my intestinal walls. But yeah tell me more about how horrible it is to have pain and blood for a few days a month that all of society accepts as normal and natural and is dealt with with affordable and readily available means. Being a man means you are just meat for societies grinder. You have no intrinsic value or worth and your pain is meaningless. That's what I don't like about periods. It's not a big fucking deal and I don't have enough energy or life left to be concerned about your perfectly functioning reproductive system.

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