What do you think about pit bulls?

These comments makes me so sad. I have been around pit bulls most of my life and have owned two myself and they are the sweetest dogs. Never had any problems with them around other people or kids. No biting or problems with aggression. They barely ever barked. Lived with other dogs, cats and children and we're always gentle.

The only time they ever showed any kind of aggression was while trying to protect me and my son. We lived outside of town kind of in the forest. All sides of our fenced yard surrounded by trees and I was outside with my son and both dogs. We walked around the corner of the house and came right up on a black bear. One dog kind of bark yelped like she had been hurt (she was a wimp about everything) and hid back behind the corner of the house where I made my son go and the other chased the bear away from us barking and jumped the fence after the bear into the trees. I have no idea how far she chased the bear but I was never able to find her. Got a some people to help search out around the house and didn't ever find any evidence of where her or the bear went. Put up flyers and posted all over on line but didn't ever find her. If we decided to get another big dog in the future pit bull would be my choice.

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