Say what you want about PUBG bots and console vs PC, but I have to say I have some new found respect for PUBG on console. Stuff can get NUTS.

You know...I guess I should have expected this. All you have to do is set your sensitivity correctly, practice in the training area and pull down on the right stick. It's not much different than pulling down on a mouse.

I have almost 6000 hours on PC.

As far as shooting that gun, if you crouch or go prone and have it armed with a tactical stock, you will have much better control. But you can't control horizontal recoil, it's going to go where it goes, which is why I'm strafing a bit while trying to avoid getting murdered.

When you shoot from the hip, which I do at the end, there's way less recoil in CQC situations. That much you can test for yourself. Try it.

I'm in a situation where I can test it with both a keyboard and mouse and a PS4 controller, because I'm playing on Google Stadia.

You know what Stadia does when you use a keyboard and mouse? They put you into Stadia only queues. When you use a controller they let you into crossplay queues.

I'm not sure how I would "cheat" with a keyboard and mouse in a console crossplay queue.

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