What do you think about S3 in general?

Notice this sub has over 800,000 subscribers, but the only posts which get much attention are pictures and comments, I think that says a lot about the community, there are the rare folks in between on it like myself, but many comments on posts like these are usually full of haters or defenders of the season.

Wasn't great, wasn't bad, it did kind of lower my interest in watching the previous seasons, knowing what happens going forward, though I think a lot of people were like me going in thinking this was the last season or 2nd to last, when it was planned as the middle, seeing as season 3s premiere had less then a million viewers though they could pull a Boardwalk Empire or Deadwood and cut the show short/give them some mini films.

Both decent shows but Game Of Thrones kind of sucked the life out of everything for a while funding wise.

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