What do you think about the Simulation Hypotheses?

Well the kick starter campaign give the below explanation:

The analogy between physical reality and video games (Virtual Reality) can be helpful in explaining our experimental approach to the question.

Using the video game analogy, we propose an investigation based on the assumptions:

1. The system performing the simulation (in either physical reality or virtual reality) is finite (i.e., has limited information processing resources no matter how great those resources may be). All video games have finite resources and currently accepted Quantum Theory supports the finite nature of physical reality; 
2.    To achieve low computational complexity (due to finite resources) such a system would, as in a video game system, render the content only when (at that moment) the required information becomes available to the player; 
3.    In a video game, the (game box) processor cannot be part of the virtual reality it is creating. It follows that if physical reality is a simulation, the computations required to create the physical reality cannot be determined by mechanisms that are part of the physical reality created. 
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