This is what acne left behind...amongst other things. Mirrors, lighting, pictures, make-up stores, looking people in the eye and holding my head up high scare me. I feel like I might never overcome my self-esteem issues because of what I went through.

This is disgusting. I’ve suffered from acne for 7 years straight during my childhood and teenage years which...both these periods of time are significantly important in deciding on how A person will grow to be. I chose to post my (clearly noticeable) scars on this subreddit with the thought that everyone here understands and empathizes with the way I feel towards my skin, and perhaps hear about what worked for them. Its the only place where I thought I could find people who have been through the same thing.

I am genuinely still trying to recover from those years.

Unfortunately I am not allowed to link other pics here, maybe then you’d actually have the decency to be a nice person!

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