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Life is a walk of risks. Being alive is a risk because you now have to eat and worry about getting sick or of crossing the road and getting hit by a vehicle or of talking and being rebuked or criticized.

But these things are just normal things we all have to go through life doing. The fear of eating and choking does not stop us from taking the risk because we just have to eat for ourselves and by the way we don't eat for others. The fear of crossing the road and getting hit by a truck does not stop us from crossing it because we just have to risk it so we can get to the other side of the road and that is because life is a walk of risk.

Few years back, many of the giant companies of today existed only in the minds of the dreamers. And transactions only happened in their brains and imaginations. But they were smart and believers enough to see that life is a walk of risk. They took a risk of putting their whole life energy into something of absolute uncertainty. They all did risk so many things. Many could have been part of it had they risked putting a little of their money into its infancy. But these individuals forever weep for not taking that little risky opportunity. They were so afraid of the impossibilities that they failed to see the bright possibilities. People believe what they are sure will work. They can only give attention or put effort in things they can be very sure of. They say seeing is believing but what of the great things we don't see? The dreams we don't see yet. Which we are not sure if they would work or not?
Faith and a strong belief and our guts drive us to do these things which end up changing our world, our lives and generations unborn

A new company is springing up once again and it is in need of startup fund. An opportunity for somebody and his entire generation with just a little token that would seem like nothing when the harvest comes.

A thousand five hundred dollars or it's equivalent in any other currency. $1,500 or equivalent in any other currency. Automatical hold of a 10% share no matter how big the company becomes which means ten million dollars is yours when the company is a hundred million dollars.

I'd rather spend my life regretting the things I did than regretting the things I should have done but didn't do.

You don't want to look back at your life old and grey and say "I should have or I could have taken that one opportunity that would have given me a completely different life."

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