What do you think actually happened when Jim died? I mean, what do you think caused his death?

The official story I read out of the amazing biography of The Doors, Love Becomes a Funeral Pyre, Jim was hanging out at this seedy night club in Paris as a now washed-up icon of the passing era. He had been super distanced from everyone around this time. Disagreements between himself and other band members, general awkwardness. They all knew he was horribly self-destructive and they tried to save Jim but I believe it was also them saying they thought that perhaps he didn’t want to be saved. He was and had always been himself. No one else. Room for barely anyone else. He had just buried himself deeper in alcoholism. Jim had also become distant from Pam since he was depressed and jealous of her on-going affair at the time. On the night in question it is believed that he had been out trying to score some heroin for her since he knew she liked it. He took it to the night club’s bathroom to sample some in a stall. It was here that he tragically overdosed because although he had done this drug before, this batch was much more potent and he was unaware what a lethal dosage was. Unfortunately, he had to find out firsthand. I believe the book also said that the owner of the club, and someone else who saw Jim as a regular at the club, wanted to keep the incident under wraps, so they quietly carried him out, into a cab, and back to his and Pam’s apartment. It was here they laid him in the bathtub and tried efforts at resuscitating, but failed. It’s also said that Pam lied on his chest and cried for the rest of the night. This has to be one of the most unfortunate and sad stories I know of.

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