What advice would you give to a 14 year old about starting high school?

Focus on your future. High school is a stepping stone to something much better. Everyone is either going or has recently gone through puberty, and things will be more dramatic and emotional. Things are gonna feel a lot more real, and intense and meaningful, and you will have more conviction, but be wary what you spend your time on, because that shit pays dividends later. I wish I didn't spend all those summer fucking around on the Xbox and not studying aquaculture or something. It's gonna be hard and sometimes painful, but it's also gonna be a lot of fun. Don't overthink and don't be too hard on yourself. Do try to focus on something other than yourself. Volunteering may not seem cool, but as a 30 year old, I wish I did it hs. It doesn't have to be grandx and you don't need to save the world, but trust me, focusing on helping someone other than yourself, can help put your own life into perspective. It can be a healthy distraction until you're ready to deal with whatever you need to deal with. I hope this helped.

I should also say that high school has got to be different today than it was 10 years ago. Not sure how everything is gonna look post covid, but that is definitely something new for your generation, which I don't have any specialized advice for other than what I said above. Good luck.

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