What after 2 and half years?

I didn't study on those fancy schools but on government school and I bet you can't even comprehend the situation on those schools

--> I studied in government schools upto class 5. Most of our leaders must have studied from sarkari school. But, do they do any reforms in those school. No. So, you don't even have to study in sarkari school to know that reform is necessary, to feel it. It requires a good niyat.

Surely, I know more about sarkari offices than you. 10 baje khulnu parne office, 11 baje matra khulxa. 4 baje hune chutti tara manxe haru 3.30 ma pugda, kam hudaina bhandinxan. HAHA. merai afanta le din ko lakhau bhrastachar garxa. tara merai afanta haru ramro kaam garne haru pani xan. yo ta hudai garxa..kuieko aloo haru kailey sakidainan.

I accept your vote garne kura. But, I analyzed, why people voted for maoists? Because they wanted to end their fear.

Why they voted for NCP? they wanted stability. People(significant amount of people) aren't very smart or very dumb. They will do what their inituition tells them to do. The opposition parties are not being able to capitalise on the mistake of old parties.

If some Yemale leaders say "hami 14 barsa jail baseko", they will be like "k vanne hola". Paila ta esta kura haru ko answer thikka parera rakhna parxa.

PS, I am a common man. I can't visualize, what that sajha party or bibeksheel party is going to do? But, Oli was smart in this aspect. Nagare pani, Rail, China ko rail,Ghar gharma pipeline...bla bla..aja 3 class ko baccha lai ni oli ko development plans haru thaha xa. Manxe haru dumb xainan, uni haru ko trust jitna ko lagi, sajha party/bibeksheel party sanga kunai jod-dar agenda nai xaina.

Bikash garne re..lol. k bikas? kasto bikas? jantale bujhne tarika ma bhannuparyo ni neta le.

Citizens are not seeds at all. I accept that we voted for them, but people didn't vote them for mashbhaat. Oppostion parties doesn't have a agenda at all. Congress le ni paila jattikai vote jitnuparthyo ni mashubhaat le jitya bhaye. Ki, masubhaat ma nun kam bhaera vote napa ho..lol..testo hoina, manxe haru ko biswas jitne le chunab jitxa. Ki ta tarsayera, vote gar, natra mardinxu bhannu paryo, milan gurung haru le jasto.

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