At what age do you think is best for someone to first use psychadelics?

16 here as well, soon 17. My experience is LSD and Mushrooms. They’re very powerful and I understand that now. It’s fun and has certainly made me become closer with myself (I was always an introvert anyways). I have developed mild HPPD and am OK with it because I realize the mistakes I made by using LSD too much. I do have more appreciation for the world and it completely erased suicidal thoughts in my mind that I had been having for 4 years stemming from a variety of personal issues. I realize how precious life is now and how beautiful it can be!i truly believed it rerouted my brain chemistry in a positive way. You definitely do change and won’t be the same person.

But that’s just my short story, I’m very young for these and I realize that. I will join the group that says wait and say it along with them. You’ll find an answer that you wish you didn’t find if you start using them. Ignorance is bliss, seriously. It’s not something that can be explained when you start using psychedelics and start gaining the tiniest “understanding” of the flip side - especially at such a young age.

I’m just speaking out of personal experience though, not everyone is the same.

It’s smart to wait and the reward you’ll receive for when you’re more developed and mature will be greater. There’s plenty of things you can do to expand your consciousness besides using LSD or mushrooms or even DMT (which I can’t even imagine using until I’m at least 20 lol). Listen to Terence or Alan Watts or Joe Rogan or anyone. Find a deeper connection with nature and music.. enjoy your younger years.

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