At what age did you decide you wanted to stop having casual sex? What was your reasoning behind it?

I was probably about 27-28.

I had my fun. Tried everything that came my way at least once, and the good stuff twice. Was fortunate enough to get it all out of my system in my early 20s.

That being said, I'm not "over it" - I'm still down if you're down. I just don't go out chasing tail like I used to. If I go out and meet a nice young lady, that's awesome; and if we happen to hook up afterwards then bully for us.

But the game is old, boring, and I've played every iteration of it that exists. As a man who isn't rich, famous, or movie-level attractive, finding women is fucking exhausting. Wooing them is even more exhausting.

I'm basically an old cat that waits for the laser pointer to come within arm's reach before I'll get it. My days of running all over the place chasing it are long gone.

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