What is the album/song that got you into your favorite band/genre?

I was 10 or so, when one of my older brother's friends came over. He brought some tapes with him, and when they were out i did what all little brothers do and snooped through everyone's shit. I came across this cassette, cannibal corpse - Tomb of the mutilated.:format(jpeg):mode_rgb():quality(40)/discogs-images/R-6288873-1415748545-8872.jpeg.jpg)

At that age i was mostly into the usual stuff on the radio, and my edgy stuff was gangsta rap and a little bit of metallica. Cannibal corpse blew me away, especially the opening track "hammer smashed face"

It was a distinct before/after moment in my life. From then on i was super into death metal, and really found my identity a year or two later with black metal. Those dudes were for real out there killing people, burning churches, and legit being evil as fuck just like their music. It all started with that one filthy CC cassette. It was such an obsession for me i had to shoplift albums. no way mom would buy me that deranged music, and even if i had cash i couldn't buy them due to parental advisories. the local rite aid had a surprisingly deep music section, and i mastered the art of opening a jewel case, removing the tape/CD, and placing the empty case back undetected. did it every few weeks for years and years, amassing a huge collection of tapes and CDs with no artwork, just the disc/tape. You kids today don't know the struggle of getting new music.

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