What alignment is the hardest for you to roleplay?

I'll definitely give you that chaotic can give you some great freedom and some wild outcomes. But, evil, truly powerful evil plays on the side of the law. Lawful evil also presents a strong way for the entire party to decidedly do an evil playthrough. Do a couple of dungeons/local requests to amass some wealth and respect. Go to several shopkeepers(potions, armor, anything really). Tell them you want to sponsor or become partners with them and you'll help them become the most profitable in town(assuming it's a big town with lots of competition). Accidents and PR nightmares keep happening all around the town for the competition and eventually the shopkeep may realize what's going on but they 1. cant prove anything, 2. You've probably linked them to a few of the mishaps already, and 3. they've become so used to the success that they cant handle the thought of leaving their current lifestyle. So they say nothing. And maybe you ask for a cut or certain things here and there. Maybe this sort of thing has been going all around town and now you've gotten your hand into every facet of business in town. You've become so influential in town that the you know have a seat at the kingdom and you've gained the kings trust and ear. Spread lies about how the king is being taken for a fool by these other nations and slowly watch him build an army and wipe out other nations. You've become a lord with sizable amounts of land from these new nations or maybe put in charge of one to rule in your kings stead. True evil, powerful evil stands side by side with the law and gains its power.

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