What all the bluepillers have coming

If you think a girl would not ever want to talk to you and get to know you, you've already thrown in the towel, which is where I imagine most "incels" are at this point.

I'm here and I don't think about girls not thinking about me, I have actively tried to talk to them and haven't gotten anywhere. I've done real life with no success, been told by people like you to try online, personality matters more there, etc. That didn't work out either. Too much ghosting. Too much initiation from me. Felt like I was the one doing all the conversation.

I don't even hold on for too long either. I just keep moving on to the next girl and get the same fucking results. I have tried many different approaches. You can keep telling me to keep trying, and I actively am. I am also still failing to this day, so don't you fucking dare say I've given up. Sometimes I just want you to switch shoes with me just so you can see what lack of success looks like. I want you to understand. And no I'm not talking about the once or thrice failure you people are likely familiar with, but 100% complete and utter lack of results.

I'm so desperate I even tried to pursue online LDRs.

Please fucking stop thinking we go after super models. That is such a stupid stereotype that is overblown and been debunked many, many times. Most people here can't even get their looks match(your 4 for a 4 analogy).

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