What do you all think could be done to improve the city of Dalton?

For starters dalton can break this invisible segregation of wealth. What i mean is this, you pass the train tracks and one side of dalton is beautiful, well kept, not a liquor store in sight, this is the spots you see on our webpage when you google dalton. The rich side of dalton if you will. You cross that side, you have the poor class, mainly minorities and poor white folks. Run down buildings, more run down buildings, old ass factories and such. Another tip, get a fucking judge whos a colored person, literally every fuckin judge up to judge mathis have been white men. Just a little annoying having the same color, not against it really but it makes the dalton city council and the court system look racist af. 3 stop this stupid dalton pride. Dalton sucks, rename the dalton mall something better, walnut was fine...4th, stop arresting drug addicts. Fucking rehabilitate them instead, jailing them up only fucks their life up more, makes us waste money and resources when theyre gonna relapse and do it again. You guys aint fixin shit like that. 5th, clean up the dpd, buncha trigger finger jugheads who think theyre right just cause theyre the law and add their emotion into a situation where logic is needed. What do cops even do? More than half the time they show up after the crimes been committed or the person is dead. Half of them are afraid to get into a fire fight, which tbh, isnt it their job to defend the law and us? Isnt that why we have a force? Because im too much of a bitch to get into a gun fight? Noooo, dudes sleep on the clock. Cut them guys out or fix it up or put our money to better use. Rebuild the broken part of dalton, ffs stop building new shit, we have plenty of ugly ass buildings that could be fixed up. We can be like chattanooga, but no. Were fuckin stuck in our time. Really cant wait for this older gen to kick the bucket and i mean that as nice as it can sound. You guys are fuckin our lives and future up and we havent even done anything to ruin it ourselves. Quit making laws for a future you wont be a part of...dont mind the bad language, its the way i talk. If it bothers you, well youre fucking dumb for letting words hurt you.

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