What is an American issue that you are unable to comprehend because of your European background?

No you're right, again, I mixed up ER and urgent care. ER is for critical emergencies, urgent care is a step down from that. I'm just a fucking dumbass.

Where I live, urgent care has a thing where you have to give a sort of down payment up front and then they either send you a partial refund (never seen them do that) or a bill for the things that went over the down payment.

They told me that I had to pay $300 up front. My card was declined and they told me they couldn't help me. I was barely able to walk.

Had to wait 3 weeks to see my normal doctor, who refused to do anything since I wasn't in as much pain as before, "which is a sign you're fine."

Never found out what was wrong. It still occasionally happens, thankfully not as intense as the first time. I stopped trying after awhile, no one would believe me and I can't go to another office.

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