What is an effective, intelligent response to those who support Indiana's new bill and share this with me?

I think one of the dumbest things about this bill is that it's encouraging the stereotyping of the LGBT+ community. I have trans friends who you'd never guess were trans. Not all gay men are flamboyant and talk with a lisp and whip out their penises at pride parades. Not all lesbians are overweight with short hair and wearing flannel and carpenter jeans. If I were to go to a restaurant with some of the women I've dated, you'd not guess we were together until we kissed. This is definitely the same of many couples. And then there are women who "look like" butch lesbians but are happily married to men with three kids, and men who "look" gay but again, happily married to women and just like fashion or something, I don't even know.

Like, ok, you're a business owner who wants to ban all LGBT+ patrons. What are you going to do, use truth serum on all your potential clientele to make sure that no gays get through? You don't know who is and isn't gay.

Then, we've got issues like violetmemphisblue said: "religious burden" could mean a lot of things to a lot of different groups. Muslim store owners could turn you away for not being properly covered. a Christian doctor could refuse to see an unmarried pregnant woman. a Catholic pharmacy owner could refuse to carry condoms or any form of birth control. You may say to this, "Well, then, they'll lose patrons and go out of business!" This will happen in bigger cities, yes, but imagine this is a city of 2000 people with one clinic and one pharmacy. Those people stay in business because even if you disagree with their practices, you have nowhere else to go.

Also, there's a lot of aspects to this law that are basically forcing religious minorities and LGBT+ folks out of small towns, more or less. Small town America can already suck for you if you're not a white church-goer, but it could get to a point where people in small communities could basically be run out of town due to everyone refusing to serve them.

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